Friday, October 23, 2009

Like to Play the Casting Game? Some Have Ideas for The Host

Stephenie Meyer asked the fan community for their ideas for a cast for her recently-optioned book, The Host. Amanda Bell, at the Twilight Examiner, summarized the popular choices in a great article yesterday, including some amazing fan art and video trailers.

I can't give my own opinion, really, I haven't yet read the book. There are an interesting array of suggestions, though, and it makes me curious what it is people think their choice could bring to the part. So I'll make a deal with you all. I'll go get the book and read it this weekend (give me a few extra days to finish..), and YOU leave a comment about who you'd pick for the various characters and why.

It's definitely something to help pass the next 27 days!

Thanks to OpenBookSociety, too.

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