Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kellan Vanity Fair Interview

Yay for new interviews! We love 'em! Here, Kellan speaks to Vanity Fair during a quick break from shooting. He discusses downtime activities, the fans, New Moon and Eclipse tidbits, and his part in Nightmare on Elm Street.

What’s your take on the millions of fans who are getting rabidly excited about the release?

It’s really fun to be these characters, bring them to life, and have them [the fans] accept us. It’s very humbling to have fans that spend so much money to come and see us, which is great to give them a piece of what they’re allowing us to do. We’re so blessed that our fans are so loving. It’s fun talking to them about how they relate to characters in the story. My sister and my mom, for instance—it’s great to see how these books really draw mothers and daughters together. It’s an adventure they can all go on. Then they bring the husbands, and the brothers, and everyone gets swooped up into this magical experience.

You're such a teddy bear, Kellan! Read the full article here.

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