Friday, October 2, 2009

Fan-Made Friday

TGIF? Amen to that. To help ourselves pass the time until we can actually *really* call it the weekend, I thought I'd share some Twilight fan art pretties.

I was playing a bit at Twilight Guide this morning. They have a pretty good selection of fan-made wallpapers, graphics, icons and posters for everyone to enjoy. These are a few of my favorites.

The posters were by far my favorites. this one makes me so sad. I still can't read the beginning of New Moon without crying, and this poster brings that all back.

This one, too. For Bella..

I could see this being an official poster. The eyes!!!

Wolfpack, rawr! Don't make them upset!

Just some sigs/graphics/icons/whatever. Made me giggle a bit.

I love Harry Potter, but he's definitely not a Cullen.


Always good to know what exactly you want..

Check out all the graphics here!

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gwen c[ullen] said...

I ADORE the Wanted poster!! ADORE.