Friday, October 9, 2009

Fan Made Friday: Jasper Fiction!

It's no secret I'm an Edward girl, but every now and then it's nice to show the other Twilight men a little love, too. So, I'll try to stay focused long enough to bring you a few Jasper fanfics that I've really enjoyed.

A number of my Twi-friends that I've met through various blogs and forums (shout out to the LTT girls & unicorns) love Jasper as much as I love Edward, and I've gotten a number of recommendations from them. Many, though, aren't..ahem..appropriate for mention on a pg-13 blog.

I did want to feature a few that are near and dear to my heart.

First off, Little Sister, by Tanwellman. I mentioned this one once before, but it deserves another go. Jasper's POV of some of the events in Breaking Dawn. So amazing with the overlay of emotions present during that story. His perception of his whole family, and what he feels about his experiences with them and the changes that are happening are just beautiful.

Next up is Waiting for You, by JunamrsgrlAKAJazzled. Jazzled is an awesome chick I met from the LTT crowd, and my personal go-t0 girl for anything Jasper/Jackson related. Her story is rated M, so be warned about adult language and content, but it is a very enjoyable story.

ElleCC and LaViePastiche on are hosting a writing competition called For the Love of Jasper , looking for the best one-shots focusing on Jasper. Entry dates are past, but voting is beginning now. Serving as judges are some of the big names in fanfiction, so it's great for the folks entering to get some notice.

I have two that I want to bring to your attention, though one is a clear favorite for me.

Penpals, by Calliope_Jones. In spite of my obvious bias for the next story I'll talk about, I would be remiss in not mentioning this one. It literally brought tears to my eyes. A very sweet story about a institutionalized Alice and Iraq-deployed Jasper, and their correspondence. Definitely a worthy contender, in my opinion.

Lastly, my personal favorite Jasper fiction EVER. When You Say Nothing At All, by ZepherSky. Zeph is another LTT-found friend, and is an amazing writer. The one-shot is actually an outtake from her fanfic Across the Hall, which is Bella/Edward centric, but is written instead from Alice's POV as she reflects on Jasper. It's rated M, mostly because the original fic is, I think, but it is not at all graphic or explicit. An amazingly sweet, poignant reflection on the love Alice has for her Jasper. An all-human story, with incredible tie-ins to vampire Jasper.

Check all these out!


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