Monday, October 12, 2009

Chaske Spencer and Tinsel Korey Talk with Aussie Take40

Our resident Wolfpack Alpha and Den Mother recently had an interview with Australia's It's a very fun interview, discussing topics from preparing for their roles to the crazy hijinks of the cast on set. It's obvious that they're both enjoying the ride, and a little overwhelmed by the Twilight craziness.

A little bit about the wolfpack boys:
"In her role as Emily, Tinsel is surrounded by the wolf pack who - for those who haven't read the book - have very muscly bodies and walk around shirtless all day! We had to ask her just how she deals with that! "They're good looking guys, what can you say?!" Tinsel laughs. According to Tinsel there were some dance-offs going on off camera between hunky Taylor Lautner and his wolf co-star Alex Meraz! "Alex and Taylor were doing these dance offs..." she tells "Like a Michael Jackson video!" adds Chaske. "Taylor won," Tinsel went on. "I love the Alex but Taylor won!"

You can read more, and also listen to the full interview here.

Thanks to newmoonmovie.

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