Friday, October 30, 2009

Billboard Music Conference

Yesterday, a good portion of the music industry gathered in Beverly Hills, CA for the Billboard Film and TV Music Festival. The purpose of the gathering was to gain information for careers and the future of music supervision in television and film.

Not surprisingly to us Twilighters, the New Moon soundtrack and score were the hottest topics, with two panels presenting. The first was Alexandra Patsavas (Chop Shop Music), Livia Tortella (Atlantic Records) and Paul Katz (Music Consultant for Summit) discussing the soundtrack, followed by director Chris Weitz and composer Alexandre Desplat discussing the score.

From Twilight's facebook page:
At first, the movie's production company, Summit Entertainment, LLC was concerned for the continuity between the scores for Twilight and New Moon. However, the feeling dissipated when they heard early cuts of Desplat's score. The great relationship between Chris Weitz and Alexandre Desplat was clearly evident on stage, as the two playfully bantered about trips to France and their family. Something to look for in the movie: Desplat mixed "Edward's Theme" and "Jacob's Theme" ( and vice versa) to illustrate Bella's internal conflict between her two loves.
I know I love "The Meadow" on the soundtrack, and I can't wait to hear the rest of the score.

TheMoonisDown (or Moon, for short) from Letters to Twilight, got the opportunity to attend the the conference, as all this music supervisory stuff is right up her alley. (And she may or may not have a tiny crush on Mr. Weitz). Moon was lucky (and agile) enough to snag a few moments with Chris Weitz and get his words directly on a number of things New Moon. You can read more of her experience over at LTT.

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