Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Adapt Or Go Hang With Daisy" Is My New Catch Phrase

Last week, Kristen Stewart was on my mind. She gets a bit of the short end of the stick with this whole Twilight business. She's an accomplished, highly talented actress who is over-shadowed by her hearthrob costars, and often gets a bad rep for her awkward, shy, don't-care attitude.

I had considered writing a rant post about that, but had put it off for fear of coming off all Chris Crocker on you, and that wouldn't help my dear KStew at all. As it turns out, procrastination paid off this time, because Amanda at Twilight Examiner and Team 411 said it all, better than I ever could.
"In a highly unscientific poll of Team 411, we determined that we like Kristen for her offbeat attitude, we like that she’s not another cookie-cutter starlet. Love her or hate her, Kristen Stewart is real. This is just her. Either you’re going to adapt, or you’re going to go hang with Daisy. Kristen fans are a discerning group. We do not need our girlcrush to pander to us, we don’t need her in the press saying something pseudo-shocking or flashing her panties every day. We love Kristen because she just is"

Read the full article to understand the full meaning behind my new catch phrase.


sparkle for twilight said...

Thanks for sharing cause I love reading things like this. Is the link working though?

Anonymous said...

Her awkward, shy, don't-care attitude is why I like her!<333