Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Twilight Stars Make Empire Mag's Sexiest List

Empire Magazine published their "100 Sexiest Movie Stars", and 5 members of the Twilight Cast made the list. They're obviously mistaken, since pretty much the whole cast belongs on that list.

The Ladies:

Ashley Greene at #32. Out of 50? My hubby would beg to differ. But there's no denying our Alice-girl is amazingly gorgeous. From Empire: "Ashley Greene is a grade-A, 100 per cent stunner. Just look at her eyes, her beautiful, beautiful eyes. Most alluring as... Prescient vampire chick, Alice Cullen."

Kristen Stewart at #7. Now we're talking. I love Kristen because she doesn't feel the need to put on a show when she goes out. She's often mocked for how she looks in public, but there's no denying that when she's aiming for stunning she hits it with staggering success. From Empire: "Stewart still places high on the list because a) she's staggeringly beautiful and b) her don't-give-a-[beep] attitude is sublimely sexy.....Most alluring as... Em Lewin in Adventureland - sparky, human, and plenty sexy,"

The Men:

Kellan Lutz at #36. There's some seriously tough competition on the men's list, but I'm still not sure they hit the mark at all. From Empire: "Most alluring as... He may be man of few words, but he's in Twilight, what more do you need? Off the silver screen he does seem to have attracted a large female fanbase who squeal uncontrollably with delight so he's doing something right."

Taylor Lautner at #35. We know all our Twi-Guys rank higher than the 30's, but we'll allow for this one since Taylor is still a minor. From Empire: "Most alluring as... Jake-abs. Specifically, whenever he's topless in Twilight. So for the most part, whenever he's in New Moon then. " Ha! 'Jake-abs'. 30 pounds, people!

Robert Pattinson
at #2. TWO?!?! They obviously hadn't seen this picture.
But, since number one is Johnny Depp, I might make an allowance, Johnny's been hot for a while now, and Rob's still the young upstart. I won't rant again, but Empire seems to still be under the misapprehension that Rob is only adored by the adolescent set. Think again, folks. From Empire: "Most alluring as... Gotta be Edward Cullen, with all that restrained passion and the penchant for melting glances. "

See the full list here.

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T. L. C. said...

Kerry, this is amber's friend Tierra and I just have to say I love your commentary on this...

I laugh out so many times on funny things you put on Amber about the vampire diaries...Good job!