Monday, September 21, 2009

Words from Kellan's Heart and Kerry's Soapbox

Kimberly Sherman, over at the Twilight Parents Examiner had some recent words with Kellan Lutz, and we wanted to share them with you. Kellan is always so sweet, I love him to death. I always appreciate how funny and gracious he is with his fans, and the time he gives to us. He told Kim a few things though, that are good food for thought for all of us.

"Everyone’s so loving and supporting- there’s no haters. There’s so many Twilight fans that have given me presents- gummy bears or chew toys for my dog. It’s so humbling; people wanting to have a picture with me or wanting me to sign something. It’s so endearing.

But when we’re here working 12, 14, 16 hour days, on our off days we just want to be a normal human being and go get a bite to eat or go play pool and be normal. We just want to get out of our hotel rooms or apartments, but we can’t, and that’s a tough thing. And we don’t always want to have to look our best. I just love dressing comfy to go out, but we can’t because there’s always photographers there."

"We’re all very happy to be working and be part of an amazing franchise like this, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s allowed me to get some great work and to do amazing movies, independent ones that I can show some great acting with, and some great character roles, but really, we’re just human…"

And this is Kellan talking. We all (including Kellan) know he doesn't get the worst of it. Both Justin Chon and Christian Serratos have been quoted recently regarding how difficult it is for Rob to get out of his hotel to join the rest of them...his coworkers...for a bite to eat. We've all seen the tabloids in the line at the grocery store, with the rumors spouted as fact, and the cleverly photo-shopped pictures.

Here's the issue. It is all about supply and demand. We see the pics, we drool, twitter explodes, we click on links, sites make money, and they buy the next set from the paparazzi. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just like any product, they'll provide it if we buy it.

I'm afraid of two things. One, that our beloved Twilight cast will get burnt out and disgusted before Breaking Dawn gets made, and it'll all come to a screeching halt. Or worse, that someone's health, be it mental or physical, becomes compromised by it. Is that likely? Maybe or maybe not, but I do worry.

Two, this doesn't help our case any. The fans. If you're enough of a Twilight fan to be reading a fan blog, then you're more than aware of the hate that Twilight and Twilight fans get. We're stereotyped as a bunch screaming 12-year-olds that can't separate Rob from Edward and actually believe that if we go to Forks, we'll find the Cullens and Mike Newton waiting for us. It makes us look bad, it makes our favorite books and movies look bad. It makes us embarrassed to let our fanhood be known.

Eyes of Amber has a pretty strict "no paparazzi" rule here. We won't post pap pics, or leaked images, we've had to pull mistaken images before to follow that. I urge you to avoid the tabloids and such where possible. Use your fan voice to express your wishes that the stars of Twilight be allowed their privacy. They will give us their time, when they can, they've shown that many many times.

**Amber here - I would like to say that I stand 100% behind everything that Kerry has said here. This is one area where the fans really can make a difference. Stop buying the magazines, stop clicking the links, stop letting these paps make money by violating what little privacy celebrities have. Remember, first and foremost, they are people, just like us and they deserve to be treated with respect and common courtesy. Unless they are on the clock, they owe us nothing. Any of their personal time or glimpses of their personal lives they choose to give us should be seen as a gift, NOT a right. If we love and appreciate these people the way that we claim to, let's start acting like it!

Read Kim's full article here.


kristin said...

I really wish there was something that I could do. I have written a couple of times to the places that carry the papp pictures. Whenever I make comments on various sights I tell people to please not buy the rags out there. What else can I do?

huh?what? said...

I agree 100%. Someone needs to start a campaign to STOP THE MADNESS.
We all want to see more of Rob AND Kristen, but we can't because they have to hide from the mobs, and the papparazzi.
I know if I was in their shoes I WOULD NOT do Breaking Dawn and I would look back on The Twilight movies as a very bad memory.

SOOO LET'S CHANGE THAT. Someone more talented then I start the campaign "Freedom for the Twilight Stars!"

kristin said...

Freedom for the Twilight Stars - that sounds great!!! Actually Pattinsononline has something on their website about stopping the madness. Can't think of the name but it is on their main page. Check it out and so will I. I'm not talented enough either to get this started but I would be glad to help!

huh?what? said...

Thanks. I will check it out. Feel free to use the idea anywhere that you think. My other idea was a flash on sites like "Wanna see more Rob... Stop the Mob!"

Anonymous said...

I think your "no paparazzi" rule is great.

We need to stop supporting them. They are out of control.


Anonymous said...

Leave the Twilight cast alone!

We don't want them resorting to shaving their heads and beating cars up with umbrellas.