Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Why does the beginning of the school year always seem so hectic? Even after I stopped being a student, and before I had students, it always seem ed like September was a crazy month. And in all this craziness, there is always the News Kerry Missed. Let's take a look, shall we?

Bella's Birthday Bash

Cute alliteration, huh? I wrote over the weekend about the town of Forks and the celebration happening over the weekend. Seems like the event was a success. More than 1200 people showed up to commemorate their favorite series. The Forks Forum said:

"Hundreds of Twilight fans wave for the Saturday afternoon group photo at the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s 2009 Bella’s Birthday/Stephenie Meyer Day celebration at Tillicum Park in Forks. The two-day event concludes Sunday. Forks Chamber of Commerce Director Marcia Bingham estimated that between 1,200 and 1,500 fans traveled to Forks and LaPush for the event, perhaps more."

Team Taylor Treats

We all know Taylor was looking seriously good at the VMAs, but just in case you didn't get enough, here's a video from the red carpet as he spoke to Access Hollywood.

And since we know you want to see more Taylor, now you can purchase his calendar! Be sure to circle February 11!

Sweet Soundtrack Stuff

Okay, now I'm pushing it, I know. We know of two songs now for the soundtrack.

First up, Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me at the Equinox":

Next, it was just announced that The Used will be providing an original song, written specifically for New Moon called "For You I Would". They've finished recording it with the help of Nine Inch Nails producer Danny Lohner. I can't wait to hear it!

We also know that Muse is in talks for the soundtrack. There's nothing official yet, but I'd be surprised to see a Twilight movie without Muse in the soundtrack.

Eclipse Excitement

If you heard rumors last week about hubbub on the Eclipse set, here's what David Slade tweeted on the subject.

Also, more antics, unfortunately, he hasn't uploaded this pic yet. Come on David. We want to see this!!!
Movie Poster New Moon Paperback Released

Yeah, I just didn't have anything for that one. The movie cover edition is available now, this one is for you Team Jacob folks. I do love slightly creepy Edward though.

And the inside cover is pretty nice, too...thanks to for taking the pic!

Edward is WAY Better Than Stefan

But we're going to congratulate Amber anyway for landing a writing gig at The Examiner covering the Vampire Diaries. This is an awesome opportunity for her and I'm so proud! Don't worry, she'll still be hanging out here with us, but now we get to harass her for cheating on Edward. We'll have linkage for you when her first article goes up later this week!

I'm going to wrap this up for now, but check back later today. We'll have photoshoots galore and Twilight pretties!


Thanks to TwiCrackAddict and NewMoonMovie for images and stuff.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! The Used! Brings back memories.
Excited they are back.

And Ughh! DO NOT LIKE THE NEW "NEW MOON COVER"! Looks like of those like steamy romantic novels.

LOL, Stefan! I actually liked the first episode...