Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Can you believe it's the end of September already? Fall is officially here in Vampire Country, so it's a great day to curl up with the laptop and coffee and catch up on fanfiction news I missed this week. And there was definitely a lot, good scenery, twitter updates, weird interesting items. Let's see what we've got, ok?

Angela Is That Babe-in-Hiding Girl We All Went to School With

A few of the Twilight cast turned up at the Teen Vogue party/event held this week. Michael Welch, Christian Serratos and Taylor Lautner spiffed up and worked the red carpet. We've all ogled Taylor's abs and Michael is that boy-next-door cute, but let's just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous Christian looked that night. I've never been the obsessed by shoes girl, but those heels are amazing!

Things That Make My Husband Happy

Steak for dinner, new tech gadgets, welcome home kisses from me and our kids, and when I email him hot new photoshoot pics of Ashley Greene. Ashley is featured on the cover of Saturday Night Magazine, with a nice interview and a absolutely stunning array of glamour photos. She amazes me with her versitility in front of the camera, she has such a wide range of 'looks'. Everything from girl-next-door cute, to smexy pin-up. This is my favorite from the shoot:

Check out the rest of them here.

Peter is So Awesome!

The other day, a number of fansites got together to try to get Peter and Rob's attention regarding a fan letter. Well, maybe Peter DOES read Eyes of Amber, because he did somehow get the message! He tweeted a response the next day:

Thanks, again, Peter, for being a great cast representative to the fans. We really appreciate the personal gestures you give us.

Speaking of Gorgeous Photos

The old Vanity Fair shoot from last year is still my most favorite of all the cast photo shoots. Another outtake of Rob and Kristen was released, I so love this picture. Again, it's very similar to the one that was originally released, but I can't get enough.

Edward Cullen Goes to MIT

I guess that shouldn't surprise us, Edward is good at everything, right? Apparently some folks at MIT are debating the various myths about vampires, and how Twilight and other stories can vary from the commonly accepted lore. I have several non-Twihard friends that love to tease me about how the Cullens aren't "real" vampires, and my arguement to that belongs in another article. However, the article from MIT is interesting, give it a read. I love the comparison here, cracked me up.

The recent Stephenie Meyer phenomenon of Twilight has raised some very divisive questions among fantasy fans. All debating over artistic merit aside, up for contention is the matter of exactly how many liberties an author can take with established monster lore. The concept of the vampire has been around for centuries, and the Twilight series seems to incorporate very little of it. Fine, so Edward Cullen drinks blood, is sort of ancient, and has a mild allergy to sunlight, but then again, so does Ozzy Osbourne. Few would mistake Ozzy for a vampire, and much fewer would mistake him for the lead in a romance novel.

You Really Expect Me to Drink That???

Every marketing department out there seems to be trying to figure out a way to jump on the vampire bandwagon. You can't blame them, just saying "vampire", or "Twilight", or Robert Pattinson will pretty much guarantee to capture the attention of a large money-spending audience. But this? Maybe a little too far for me.

Energy drinks are popular, I'm more of a coffee girl, but you can always see people with a Red Bull or Monster. Now, you can meld your energy drink addiction to your vampire addiction. Blood Energy Drink is available, apparently both looking like blood and providing similar nutritional value as if you were actually drinking blood. Hopefully, without the vomiting. Good luck if you try this, I'll be passing. I'd love to hear from someone that's tried it though.

On that note, I think I'm done here. Amber is still rocking the Vampire Diaries stuff, though since there's no way Stefan can match up to Edward, she's on this kick about Damon, too. I'm going to be watching the first few episodes later today, and will have a report later this week about it.

Love ya!

Thanks to TwiCrack, Robsten Lovers, Twilight Lexicon, and Robsessed for images and news we missed!

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