Monday, September 21, 2009

Review of the Twilight Tracker app for iPhone

@FireCr0tch from the blog We Bite Pretty Hard graciously agreed to do a review of the new Twilight Tracker app for us.

As I was lurking on Twitter this weekend, I heard talk about a new Twilight iPhone/iPod Touch app. I looked it up immediately (okay, well after getting up off my butt and searching through my kitchen, dining room, and bedroom for my phone) and gasped at the price: $2.99? Had anyone else downloaded the app? Was it worth $2.99? That could be the equivalent 2 or 3 songs from the New Moon soundtrack. But, @EyesofAmberBlog convinced me after minutes of chatting to purchase the app and here I am. Writing a review. The overall score will be determined by the following categories (yes, I watch way too much Food Network):

  1. Twilightiness - 20 points - Does it deliver the Twilight goods?
  2. Prettiness - 15 points - Is the app easy to navigate through?
  3. Tastiness - 15 points - Is the functionality there? Does it make you want to come back again and again?

First on the chopping block: The Name - Twilight Tracker makes me think of a segment from the Tonight Show called Twitter Tracker where this guy in a big booming voice just keeps saying Twitter Tracker! Twitter Tracker!! Twitter Tracker!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can check it out here. But then I thought about the name in reference to Twilight...and really, doesn't it seem a bit preferential to James? He was a tracker and all, but he got killed off in the first movie. Anyway, I'm sure they meant it as a place to come and Track all things Twilight, but really, we have Twitter and blogs for this purpose.
The app itself is pretty basic. You can hook up to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but you still have to create a Twilight Tracker account. I'm not sure what value linking to your Twitter or Facebook accounts has, since whatever you say is totally out of context with your Facebook and Twitter friends. The Twilight section of the app has news (with no links to real sites or articles and obviously hasn't been updated in a while), photos (there's 5 and nothing we haven't seen 10 million times before, but you can make them your wallpaper if you want), videos (Twilight trailers and a couple of things from New Moon), and small character profiles. The Shouts section of the app is a Twitter-like chatroom that doesn't really have any cool functionality (like RT or @reply). There hasn't been a lot of shouting going on, but I'm thinking that the $2.99 price has kept hoardes of Twilighters from downloading the app. I asked those using it if they liked the app and received mixed reviews. Mostly they wanted more content.

The price, the content, and the overall lack of cool functionality makes the tastiness of this app pretty low. I don't know if I will expend the energy it takes to thumb to the second screen of apps to open this one again. I give Twilight Tracker a 32 out of a possible 50...that's 64% or a D- for those students out there. Not good.

  1. Twilightiness - 15 points - some cool news, but it needs to be updated more frequently and link to the actual articles
  2. Prettiness - 12 points - easy to navigate and high quality pics
  3. Tastiness - 5 points - boring'd get more if you joined Twitter

Save your money and put it towards the New Moon soundtrack on iTunes. And yeah, you BlackBerry people don't need to feel inferior for missing out on the chance to have your own Twilight app.

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