Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photoshoot Picspam!

Dimply, muscly Mr. Kellen Lutz is the on the cover of August Man, a Malaysian men's magazine.

LOVE a man in a suit, Kellen is no different.

*Amber here-notice how the color of the magazine title plays up Kellan's eyes...very smart*

*I hate to be against nature here, but I love Kellan's hair dark...oops, and this is Amber again*

More here.

Remember that beautiful Entertainment Weekly New Moon shoot with Taylor and Kristen. New outtakes now! cute!!

I love Kristen's eyes, so amazing.

This might possibly be my new favorite Kristen pic.

Taylor's eyes are pretty nice, too.

*Amber again. Awesome, awesome photo shoot. I'm thinking not falling for Jacob in New Moon will be much more difficult during the movie than the book. And now I'm ducking as I run away*

**Kerry will have no trouble resisting Jacob, but then, we already know Kerry loves Edward more than Amber does.**

*** As I have stated before, I am a total Bella. I love both Jacob and Edward, but it's Edward that I couldn't live without. Edward was the right choice for Bella, but I totally understand the draw of Jacob and hate to see him hurting. Anyway, I have gotten off track here. Amber and Kerry will be having a discussion not fit to post on the blog.***

EW pics from via TwiCrack


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You know........

I prefer Kellan w/ dark hair too.. mmm yeah..!

15 min later....

Sorry.. Got sidetracked by chest of stone Kellan pics..

umm.. where was I..
Oh yes.. Kstew & Taylor photoshoot..

So.. im not gonna b falling for Jacob in new moon.. Not happenin..

BUT .. the photoshoot *whispers where you can BARELY hear* thephotoshootmayhavebeenagoodoneand

now there.. Have a good day..I'm off to look at kellbaby some more..