Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Moon News: New Stills and a New Trailer Soon

I'm seriously getting swoony over all the new pictures that have been coming out, not to mention the tease of a NEW trailer debuting at the MTV Video Music Awards, Sept 13.

The newest issue of People magazine, there were a few more new stills, in addition to the previous ones we showed here.

An intense, intimate moment between Bella and Edward. I keep hearing the line from the official website, Cullen House. "Every second that I am with you is about restraint..." Shiver!

Alice and Jasper looking adorable together, as always.
*Amber here - I love Jasper, I really do, but this wig looks like an apricot poodle died on his head*

The lovely ladies at Robsessed had these today. Three beautiful pictures from the birthday party.

I'm in tears just looking at this picture, knowing what is coming. *sniffle*

Everyone is so happy at this point..awwww...

Pretty Bella and Smirky Edward. *swoon*

Thanks to TwiCrackAddict for the People pics.


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