Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Moon Candy

The hubs called from the store the other night asking me if the New Moon candies I had were the "Heart's Desire" ones. They were not, so of course I told him to pick some up. Here they are. They are available in three different wrappers, Edward, Jacob and Bella, but I had to buy two packs to get one of each...this particular one had one Bella and five Edwards!

The wrappers...I apologize for the quality on these. I'll try to scan the wrappers this evening.
All of these candies look like this. They have cream flavored filling. The Hubs compared them to a Cadbury Cream Egg for flavor.
Now these, my mom bought for me last week. They come in a bag of 24 and there were several of all, although more Edward than anything else.
The wrappers. Again, I'll try to scan some tonight to give you a better view.
The Bella...cream filled, like the above
The Jacob...peanut butter filled. (My favorite taste-wise)
The Edward...caramel filled. (My favorite looks-wise. It's just so detailed.)
I'll be honest, I thought about doing a giveaway with these, but I'm afraid they would melt in transit. They are tasty and I'm sure they will be showing up in a lot of Twilight goody bags come New Moon party time! I'm already thinking that I may stock up on these to pass out at Halloween! I found these at Kroger and Walgreens.
So, what do you think?


Lyssa said...

Those look delish. I might have to pick these up next time I see them!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Crap...I've already checked my local Walgreens...we don't have Kroger. Guess I'll keep looking! I need to get one package to eat, and one to keep :)