Friday, September 11, 2009

MTV Teases Us With a Few Details on the Third New Moon Trailer

Oh, MTV. I think they were paying attention to that meeting the magazines had, about teasing us with outtakes and first glimpses.

Sunday night, September 13, (Bella's birthday, even!) MTV holds their annual Video Music Awards. Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart will be there to debut the newest full-length trailer. MTV has provided us with this widget to countdown to the event, and it will turn into a video player at showtime! I invite you to come watch it here with me, and give us your feedback in the comments.

Spoilers Ahead:

MTV gave us a few things we can look forward to in the new trailer; it appears Summit has listening to the clamoring of the fans!

But there is much more to the trailer than just Alice's shiny yellow Porsche. The element that will probably get the most people excited is the inclusion of Dakota Fanning as the evil vampire Jane (only briefly glimpsed in the last trailer), who has the power to create illusions of pain. The new trailer opens up with a shot of her in Volturi garb and then shows the rest of the Volturi guard before revealing Michael Sheen's Aro — the head of the Volturi — snapping a poor human's neck.

The trailer then hits lightly on Edward breaking up with Bella and the heartbreaking shot of her lying bereft on the forest floor. But it quickly moves on to Bella seeing a vision of Edward with his car at Forks High, and then we see Jacob comforting her after the fact. One of the locations the twosome are sitting at is the movie theater in the scene Mike Welch and Taylor Lautner fought so hard to keep in the film.

Director Chris Weitz showed how he kicked the CGI up to the next level by including clips of Bella trying to outrace visions of Edward on her motorcycle and a lot more of the cliff jump than was showed in "Meet Jacob Black." It is almost a work of art as Bella is floating under the water and sees Edward hovering upside down next to her after her jump. When an arm comes to pull her out of the water, she reaches out to touch Edward, and the illusion gets muddled and washed away.

If you want to read more of the details, check MTV's rundown here! Don't forget to tune in to the preshow an hour before to catch Ashley Greene as the fashion correspondent on the red carpet.

You can also see a shorter version of the new trailer at the release of Sorority Row, opening tonight.


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