Monday, September 14, 2009

More From the VMA's!

This has to be one of the most adorable Rob/Kristen pictures. Very sweet!

Just off stage after introducing the trailer. Why so serious Taylor?

Yay! Smiley Rob is my favorite!

Still with the serious face Taylor. Maybe thinking about going werewolf on someone?
Beautiful Kristen, again. Is her hair pulled back, or did she cut it again?
*Note from Amber - According to her reps it was pinned up in the back, not cut*

Katy Perry and Ashley Greene. I think my husband has dreams about this. :p
That's four of some of the prettiest eyes there last night.

Our lovely Ashley interviewed Taylor, dressed in his dapper Calvin Klein suit. Ashley, I'm so proud of you for working that red carpet last night, it's hard to work on the fly like that!

I didn't get to watch the whole thing last night, so I'm still catching up on the rest of the evening. Kudos to Taylor Swift and Beyonce for being classy ladies.


1 comment:

rpfangirldc said...

SmileyRob is always the best!!!

Maybe Taylor was pissed @ Kanye for his sh*t stunt last night. He looked happier before that.

Another theory... He hates having to stay by KStew and RPattz all the time. (Must feel like the thrid wheel if indeed the Robsten rumor is true.)