Friday, September 11, 2009

More from Chaske Spencer

I mentioned in yesterday's wrap up that Chaske had done an interview with Radar Online. You know, the one about work outs and muscles. Today they released part two of that interview.

Radar: Being a member of a First Nation do you feel like that helped you bring a lot of depth to the character?

Spencer: Yes, yes I do. Of course, it's written for First Nation people or Native Americans or American Indians, whatever the new pc word is. It helped out a lot. But then again, the way the book is written isn't a stereotypical Native role. That's what I found really interesting about the Twilight series is that it could have been anybody. It just happened to be Natives and I like that, I really like that how she took a contemporary outlook on these characters. It was really a breath of fresh air for all of us, the Native actors. We've been trudging away in films, TV and theater and we can do other roles, we have done other roles that weren't designed for Native people but no one has ever seen them. When we got to this is was so nice to not put on the feather and the leather and the buck skin. There's nothing wrong with that, I take pride in the roles I've played but it was just a breath of fresh air to say that yes we could play these contemporary roles. It was so nice to cut the hair too, yes we can do other things, look at us, and we're a pretty good talented group.

He also speaks about working with Taylor and Kristen, kissing Tinsel Korey, and even gives a shout-out to fellow uber-blogger Lorabell & TwiCrackAddict. Read the full interview here.


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