Friday, September 18, 2009

Fan-Made Friday: Twilight Inspired Jewelry

I am not at all in the closet about my Twilight fanhood. My non-Twilight-fan friends and family are fully aware of my obsession. They know I can nearly quote the books word for word, they aren't surprised if they drop by my house and the movie is playing again on my television, and they know, if they really want my attention, they just need to say "Look! Rob Pattinson!".

Despite my rabid obsession, however, I don't own a lot of Twilight merchandise. I have the series, in hardback. I also have Twilight in paperback, the loaner copy, currently taking residence at my sister-in-law's house. I have the New Moon calendar, the 3-disc DVD edition, and of course Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella. Occasionally, I may make my husband take pictures of them in public places.

I don't own anything wearable, at this point. Most of the commercially available t-shirts and jewelry are just a bit too....cheesy for me. I love Edward (more than Amber), but I don't necessarily want to walk around in public with his face plastered across my chest. With my luck, that would be the day I just happen to run in to Rob at Starbucks, and any hope of convincing him that I'm not as crazy as certain set-stalking, assaulting fans would be out the window.

Then, I discovered a few sites where some industrious Twilight fans have turned their jewelry crafting skills to making some really amazing, beautiful, and SUBTLE pieces. Honestly, I could see myself wearing some of these.

Team Jacob fans, I call your attention to this one, made by Twimom (fabulous creator of our header and background graphics!) She also has more Twilight inspired handpainted beads like that.

If you like the vintage look, you might like some of the pieces available at Bella Bejeweled. There are pieces of every type there, mostly just inspired by the series, not necessarily a direct reference.

Aro's gift to Bella, in replica:

This is my favorite from Bella Bejeweled though:

Meant to symbolize the dark and dangerous beauty of the Cullens, this is breathtaking. Do you know what it makes me think of though? That's right. Edward's bed, leg hitches, and breaking the furniture. /swoon. I might have to get this one.

Amber found this one for me, she actually owns a similar piece made by the same artist and tells me the picture does not do justice to how beautiful they are. From Artistic Journey:

Also, take a look over at Bangles of Hope. There are some neat Twilight inspired pieces there, and proceeds are donated to various worthy causes. Definitely worth a look.

I liked this bracelet. A little more blatant, but still very pretty.

I urge you to look around all these sites and see all the wonderful pieces. I've only displayed my favorites. Some of these are definitely going on my Christmas wish list!

Happy Friday all!



Honolulu Girl said...

I'm with you on being subtle. I too don't own any Jewelry but have seen some nice pieces.

Mindie said...

Amazing designs of jewelry!! I just love them all!! Great!!