Friday, September 4, 2009

Fan-Made Friday: Eclipse Trailers

I have said before, Eclipse is the movie I'm most worried about making the transition from book to movie. There's a lot going on, in a short period of time, and all those details are important to the story. I worry that they'll spend too much time and focus on the love triangle, making it a soap opera. Or, that they won't spend enough time on it, focus too much on the vampire army and we'll miss out on the lovely romance as Edward and Bella's relationship grows.

It seems that David Slade has things pretty well in hand though, judging from the tidbits that get tweeted in from Vancouver. Today, I'm turning my attention to what the fans think Eclipse should look like.

These are the ones that I found captured the story the best, or evoked the emotion of the story to me. There is a downside to these videos, though. Most of them were made almost a year ago, meaning there wasn't much Taylor Lautner footage to use. Sorry, Team Taylor fans, you're going to see a lot of Steven Strait as Jacob. I have scoured Youtube for new material with Taylor in it and have be unsuccessful so far.

On with the videos!

First up is by mailin90jj. I like this one because it *feels* the most like a trailer to me. The music, the pacing of the clips, I'd totally get excited to see this, even if I was unfamiliar to the series.

Next up is katie911225. I love what they have done with the newborn army.

Here's one from TiteLola. Excellent use of quotes from the book, and "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost.

The next two are my favorites, and I never can decide which one I like the best.

Most of you are probably familiar with tiffanyd666 and her fantastic New Moon trailers. Check out her car commercials, too! Here's Tiffany's take on the Eclipse trailer.

Lastly, TheOne2Want. The video quality isn't quite as good, but the story elements are fantastic.

Which one is your favorite? Or do you have one I haven't shown here? Let me know in the comments!


Fan Art Eclipse Poster made by Trish!

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