Friday, September 11, 2009

Edward or Eric? You're Kidding, Right? Like There's Even A Question.

Ok ok, I know some of you are True Blood fans, too. And Eric is not-so-bad when it comes to the hot vampire thing. But there's only one Edward.

InStyle is holding a Vampire Showdown. Best Hair, Eyes, Teeth, Clothes. Go vote, Alice has seen the results, lets not make her wrong.


Anonymous said...

What about Edward vs Stefan from the Vampire diaries ;)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen True Blood. Everyone keeps saying I need to.. but I just dont have the want to.. BUT

the pics i've seen.. What is it? They do NOTHING for me. I don't find them appealing even a little bit. Oh no doubt i'm a picky lil minx when it comes to my men.. but still.. I dont see the attraction.. mmm Apparently this is not a common POV but thats okay. I do not mind being lonely in my world..