Thursday, September 17, 2009

Edward is STILL Better Than Stefan

Amber, in her Mega-Mom-Blogger-Writer ways, has her first article up over at the Vampire Diaries Examiner. We'll still let this cheating slide, since this is a fantastic opportunity for her, and because she did a darn good job at the article.

Go read now! Tell her congrats!

Psst..Edward, don't worry honey, I'm still here for you..



Anonymous said...

I'm down w/ you Amber! (<-- god my kids would hang their heads in shame..LOL)

I'm gonna get you that cape!

T. L. C. said...

Amber GREAT artical. I think I'm still for the Damon guy...not Stephan and I'll ALWAYS be Edward kinda gal LOL

Anonymous said...

HA. I'm watching the show tonight. We'll so how the show picks up. Liked the first episode.