Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Weitz Speaks to Box Office

Once again, Chris Weitz endears himself to the Twilight fans. I love the calm manner he handles the craziness and the press. He knows how to tease us with the details we want to see, withholding just enough to leave us on the edge of our seats, waiting for more. We've all read the books, (maybe a few of you haven't, and are just passing through. Go read the books.) yet we're still anxiously waiting for the book to take life.

Chris spoke to Box Office recently, and shared some thoughts on the Twilight experience.

"There are so many films about vampires, vampire romances, teenage romances—what is it about Twilight's love triangle that's catalyzed this phenomenon?

To me, it has a lot less to do with vampires and werewolves than with readily identifiable emotional situations. Bella has a choice between the loving friend who's nearby and the distant, unattainable object of her affections. That's a pretty common scenario, and unfortunately also, so is being dumped. I know I've experienced it—pretty much anybody except the incredibly lucky has experienced it—and the supernatural element of things just allows for a degree of wish fulfillment. We can play out these scenarios on a grand scale. When you get broken up with, you'd like to think that if you just did something brave enough, something amazing enough, you could rescue the relationship that's been broken. And you would like to think that the person who's left you has left you for your own good against their heart. That's usually not the case, but in New Moon it happens to be, so that's a lovely way to fulfill one's wishes. A great thing that Summit as a studio understands is that there are dark places that the movie has to go in order for it all to work. They're not afraid of the angst and the sorrow that's in the book. In a way, the film can be kind of a throwback to weepies as well as very cutting edge in terms of visual effects."

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~ Joy ~ said...

Excellent article. I agree Amber. I think he's got an excellent grasp on what the movie means to us devoted fans.

~ Joy ~ said...

Kerry, thank you for posting the article!