Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why you DON'T twitter locations! New Interview with Rob

There is a new interview with Rob in the Daily Record (UK) that talks about how twitter has changed his life, in his own words. People, this is why if you know where Rob is or where he is going to be, you don't send it out on twitter! Here is an excerpt...

"It means Robert is mobbed wherever he goes by screaming girls, especially since the explosion of social networking site Twitter.

"I can't remember what my normal life is like," he admitted in one of his quieter moments.

"Because of internet stuff and Twitter, there will be a crowd if you are in a place for more than half an hour.

"I've learned never to stay in the same place for more than 20 minutes."

He laughed, seemingly still amazed at the Beatles-like level of fandom he has following him.

While many would love that kind of adulation, anyone watching Robert when doing interviews will see he finds the situation difficult to deal with."

This makes me so incredibly sad, I can't even begin to tell you. I highly recommend that you read the entire article. This is one of the most honest pieces I've read in a while. It's not overrun with gossip and innuendo. comes a soapbox moment..

I was absolutely horrified when the pics and videos came out last weekend of Rob and Kristen. The paparazzi have now stooped to new lows. Chasing his car, hanging out from upper stories to photograph them without their knowledge and so forth. I wanted to write about it at the time, but I think I was just too riled up. I'm still not going to go into my feelings on the subject because if you think that's okay, I doubt there is anything I can say here to change your mind. It's long been the rule that Eyes of Amber is a paparazzi-free site. That claim was challenged by the fact that we posted pictures from the TCA Awards. Yes, technically those pics are taken by some of the same photographers. The difference is the setting. So maybe I need to make the statement a little more detailed to clear up any confusion.

If the people being photographed are at an event, posing for photos, it does not violate my ban. When they are in this type of situation they expect to be photographed. That is part of the job. When actors are on screen, they are ours, when they are at fan events, they are giving their time to us. When they are off screen, and not in a situation such as a photo call, a premiere, an autograph signing, they do not belong to us and they owe us absolutely nothing! If they are kind enough to sign autographs or take pictures with fans while walking down the street or in any other public situation, that is out of their own kindness and certainly not to be expected.

If you are an accountant, wouldn't it drive you crazy if everywhere you went people were following you around with their taxes or their stock portfolios? If you are a dentist, would you want everyone you meet on the street to "open wide" and ask you to check that spot on their molar? Everyone wants to be able to leave their jobs behind and clock out sometimes. It should be the same for actors. These people give a huge amount of themselves to us every time they step in front of a camera. When they are not "on the clock" they don't owe us anything.

We, however, because they are human beings with real lives, families and emotions, do owe them respect. We should have enough respect for them and for ourselves not to throw them into the lion's den by sending out their location information over twitter, or any other form of mass communication. Not only is it irresponsible, it can become downright dangerous for all the people involved, whether it is the celebrity in question or the people rushing to get to that location. Let's please exercise some class and decorum here. Do we really want these gifted stars to feel like hunted animals?

Okay, stepping down off soapbox now. You really should read the entire article. It's the closest thing we've had to the old Rob interviews in a long time. Rob My World also has a great post related to this article.

Thanks to Lorabell at TwiCrack Addict for writing about this one. (And if I really need to tell you where this pic is from, you need to spend more time on this blog...LOL)


Bereth said...

You are so right. I couldn't have said it better. I hope people would understand all this. And thanks for the heads up on this article.

SFT said...

It's so sad because he seems like such a shy guy to begin with. I truly feel so sorry for him when "fans" chase him down the city streets like when he was filming RM. Who would do that?. He's still just a person like anyone else, when it comes down to it.

I think the hype around Rob causes even more hype about him, if that even makes sense. Hope it will eventually die down a little for his sake.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Wonderful words! You speak out what many of us think, although unfortunately not all of us. I always feel so sad for him when seeing the pics and I feel dirty when watching them, that´s why I try not to look at them. I still have no words for those horrible Fans who chase him down and grab him, heellloo?? Would they like to be touched by a stranger, I guess not.

Again, thanks for your words!

cutie said...

Great post, Amber. And of course, I completely agree.