Monday, August 31, 2009

Too Much Sexiness For One Magazine

Another date to put on your calendar, September 25th. US Weekly is bringing us another magazine full of Twilight (New Moon edition) posters and photos. Looks like some movie promotional pictures and stills, some photoshoot outtakes and pictures from the Teen Choice Awards. (I can't tell you my true opinion of the cover, Amber says this is a PG-13 blog....also, my mother reads this.)

*Amber showed up to make comments*

Here's a sampling of some of what we'll see September 25th... You can pre-order your copy from Barnes & Noble:

*Amber* Really? I mean, I get the eyes, but there were some that were SO much better from that shoot!

*Kerry* Can't. Get. Over. Eyes. What were we talking about?

*Amber* Wow, it's baby Jacob in this one.

*Amber* What the heck is the caption on this one supposed to mean?? What does the title of an Edi Gathegi movie have to do with this pic?

Photos found here



cutie said...

Pic #1: Crazy hair man. I lovers the smile but that hair is out of control.

Pic #2: *shivers in fear* Someone alert Ang, this is a Masen pic for sure... However, why is he wearing a vest. For some reason I can't get over the studded jean vest thing. Take it off sweetheart. Please.

Pic #3: *vomits in mouth* let's move on...

Pic #4: She's super cute. This is all.

Pic #5: Dear Lord, can we PLEASE get over Shark Boy?! Please...

Pic # 6: Me thinks she is extremely uncomfortable. Yet, I adore this picture. WetRob is always a winner.

(Hey Amber, are ya glad ya asked for a comment now? *giggles*)

Fire Crotch said...

Okay, since Cutie commented on this, I don't feel that I have lost my Twiginity over this New Moon bookazine thingy. I can't wait to get one or five...okay, I'm a little obsessed.