Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rob To Host SNL? Fans Still Hoping

Hollywood Crush complied a list of celebs they and fans would like to see hosting Saturday Night Live this coming season. Who topped the list? I'll give you a guess...

You're SO smart! Our favorite Brit (No, not Sam, Amber! Focus!) is in high demand by fans to host SNL. Fans even petitioned the show last year to bring him on board. The answer was no, but there's hope for the future, at least as far as Lorne Michaels is concerned. Here's the million dollar question though, will Rob do it? I'd love to see his quirky, dry, adorkable humor on SNL, how about you?

You can read the article and the rest of the list at Hollywood Crush/MTV here.



Jaima said...

I think Rob is too shy for SNL. I would worry about him coming across as an idiot if he got rattled.

Someone mentioned a musical appearance, now that would be interesting.

cutie said...

(No, not Sam, Amber! Focus!)
Bwahahahahahahah... sorry that completely distracted me. ;)

the mad chatter said...

Rob was actually asked twice last year if he would be interested in doing the SNL gig and he said YES! In fact, he did a great video interview with z100 radio station and you can see his response. I think any actor would LOVE to do SNL!