Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Photoshoot Outtake Gods Smile Upon Us Again

I'm starting to think these magazines have our number. Here we are, salivating for New Moon to come out in November, pouncing on every scrap of info we can get from the Eclipse set, and they just start leaving us this trail of delicious outtakes from various photoshoots. Do they plan this? Is there a meeting of magazine people somewhere? Either way, I'm loving the results, Because here we go again, from Entertainment Weekly this time.

Miss the scruff, but I love the pose..

This, and the published one similar to it, isn't really one of my favorites, but I'm certainly not objecting.

No one does 'intense' like Rob and Kristen. It astounds me every time.



Anonymous said...

love that pose for the first pic too! too hot :D

and yes, RobStew does it better than all. most def.


Jaima said...

Love the pics, thanks for posting.

cutie said...

nom nom nom nom nom
sorry I got a little carried away... those are very nice. Thank you so very much for posting them.

Jenny said...

I like Bella's hair here. I can't stand the physco black thing going on in real life. Definitely prefer the Bella hair