Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kristen and Taylor on Cover of EW Fall Movie Preview

I'm quite irritated that my EW seems to come one day later each week as I cannot wait to get this one!

From the article...
New Moon, a far different beast than Twilight, is steeped in heartbreak, focusing on the recovery Bella (Stewart) undergoes after Edward (Pattinson) breaks her heart and her new feelings for her friend Jacob (Lautner). Pattinson couldn’t be happier with his downsized role: “It was a stress-free job for three months,” says the actor. “All the pressure was on Taylor.”

This video is wonderful. Taylor shows off some of his famous moves and the look on his face when Kristen tells he needs to grow into his...well, you'll see...

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon

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~ Joy ~ said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Soooooo exciting! 98 days to go. :)