Friday, August 7, 2009

Jodelle Ferland Joins Eclipse Cast

Don't let her young age fool you, at 14 she has an impressive list of acting experience. She began acting as young as 5, including a recurring role in Kingdom Hospital, as well as Silent Hill and The Messengers (with our own Kristen Stewart!) Now she joins the Eclipse cast as...a "vampire who has just been turned", according to Entertainment Weekly. Speculation is that it's Bree, a newborn in Victoria's army, but no direct confirmation of that, even from Jodelle's twitter. When I find some more info, I'll keep you updated.

You can take a look at her impressive resume here, and be sure to follow her on Twitter @jodellemicah.

So, welcome Jodelle! Welcome to our beloved series, welcome to the craziness. Don't be too surprised that your Twitter counter is exploding with followers, we're a devoted lot. Have fun filming and we'll see you in June 2010!

- Kerry

P.S. Oh! Thanks for being my first post on Eyes of Amber!

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