Friday, August 14, 2009

Get Bella's look..or Alice..or Rosalie..or Victoria!!

The folks at Spoiled Pretty let us in on a fun new line of cosmetics. Twilight Beauty is preparing to luanch Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight. Colors and products to represent some of the female characters in the book.

In the Luna Twilight collection, Bella's look features natural colors and sheer lip gloss, while Alice's features brighter, more vibrant colors. Products will also include a body glow and metallic mascara, so you can shimmer in the sunlight like your favorite vampire babe.

The Volturi Twilight line will feature "Foreshadow Primer", a product to prep the eyelids for smooth and crease-free eye shadow application. There will also be a body lotion, a body shimmer product, and a mascara.

Personally I'm hoping it comes with an instructional booklet. Like Bella, I need Alice when it comes to this stuff.


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RPfangirlDC said...

I need that instruction maunal, too. LOL