Friday, August 28, 2009

Fan-Made Fridays! Fan-Ficapalooza!

About three months after I first read Twilight, I discovered Twilight fan-fiction, and was nearly as addicted to it as I am to the original series. That's not to say, however, that I didn't start reading without some trepidation. After all, I have strong emotional bonds with the series and the characters.

I know a lot of you have read at least some fan-fiction, but let me break it down for those that haven't. Twilight fan-fiction is can be broken into a few categories. "Canon" meaning stories that could feasibly have taken place within the context that Stephenie Meyer gave us in the original series, i.e. filling in time gaps left in the story, or retelling from another character's perspective. "Alternate Universe" or "AU"; stories that involve the characters as they are written, but the story diverges from the original plotline at some point. Finally, "All Human" (AH) stories, where the characters retain their basic personalities, but with out any supernatural qualities.

The AH category seems to contain the most stories, and some of the more well-known fanfics. I'll talk about those another week. Today, I want to highlight some of my favorite, maybe not as well known canon pieces. These are some of the first fanfics I read, as I resisted anything out-of-canon for a long time. Some are funny, some are touching, but all are great reads and a nice extra to our favorite series.

The Serious: You might need a hanky.
  • Little Sister, (T) by tanwellman. Pieces of Breaking Dawn as told from Jasper's point of view (POV). Bring your hankies, Jasper's special talent lends an especially touching experience of the events. The author also has several other great pieces in their profile.
  • Be Safe. (K+) Cocoa987 brings us on a journey of that little note Edward left Bella when he went hunting in Twilight.
  • She Has Your Eyes.(K+) Prolific fan-fic author Justine Lark wrote this as Edward's thoughts as he talks to Bella during her transformation.
  • Dark Side of the Moon,(T) by Blondie aka Robin. One of my favorite writers, this is her take on Edward's New Moon story.
  • Totality,(T) also from Blondie aka Robin. We all love the 'leg hitch' scene, right? Find out what Edward was thinking!
The Funny: Silly, fluffy stories just to make you laugh.
  • Once Bitten,(M) by NoMoreThanUsual. Told from Edward's POV, Bella wonders what that first day in Biology would have been like if she had been the vampire, and Edward the tasty human.
  • Fear, (K)NoMoreThanUsual rocks at the funny fiction. Edward's worst fear finally happens, Bella runs screaming from his house.
  • 51 Things Emmett Is Not Allowed To Do,(T) by the indifferent child of earth. We love goofy Emmett, but Bella feels the need to lay down some ground rules.
  • Charlie's Fantasy,(T) by Emmy131. On the way to the graduation ceremony, what was Charlie thinking as he looked at Edward in the back seat of the cruiser?
  • As The Cushion Turns,(M) from My-Bella. The various couches (Yes, the couches) in the stories have their say. Suggestive, but nothing explicit.
The Sexy: For those of us that cried in protest at the fade-to-black moments in Breaking Dawn, cursing the young adult designation. Here's some stories that fill in those moments. Warning: Explicit sexual content .
  • Isle Esme,(M) by Vixen1836. Told from Edward's POV, this is an amazing story. Not just smut, it tells the story of Edward's thoughts, fears, and motivations as he and Bella consummate their marriage.
  • The Second Night,(M) by Nightdancers. Edward caves! Woot! Edward's POV. Hold on to your headboards.
  • Practice Makes Perfect.(M) Again, Nightdancers gives us another sexy moment. Need to burn calories? This beats swimming with the dolphins any day. Bella's POV.
  • Second Honeymoon.(M) Nightdancers again. (Nightdancers also has a 'first time' fic, I just happen to really like Vixen1836's). Two chapters, one Bella's POV, one Edward's. Edward doesn't have to hold back anymore. Nuff said..
Well, there you have it, some of my favorite canon fan-fictions. Read them, Enjoy them. Tell me what you think. Please be sure to leave a comment or review for the author as well.



blondie said...

Thanks so much for the rec! NoMoreThanUsual is a good friend of mine - I'll pass along your blog to her. I can't wait to see what else you rec.

What a great blog! The photo that I use for NM Edward can be found at


Jaima said...

Thanks for the info and the links.
I am going to check these out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kerry. Vixen nailed the honeymoon as I imagined it. Those of us in our 30s were busy filling in the blanks. I really appreciate it!

RaShell said...

Great article, Kerry! I'm just like you, was very cautious about fanfic cause of the "character attachment", but once I dove into it, some stuff if pretty good. I really enjoyed Creature of Habit:
Dangerous Affections (it's not quite finished yet)
and Wide Awake - Which I hated and loved at the same time. It literally made me cry.

Anonymous said...

This is so much fun! I had no idea about these. Thanks for the new things to read. After reading the Twilight books twice, I have been hungry for more. :) Don't you wish sometimes you could go back and read the Twilight books for the FIRST time.....
it's such an amazing story.