Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eclipse Set Update (Spoilers Ahead)

Yesterday, Peter Facinelli tweeted that filming for Eclipse finally got underway. I am both excited and nervous about this. Of all the books, Eclipse is the one I am most worried about making the transition to the screen. I have to say, though, that much of what I am hearing is putting my fears to rest. I've been concerned that they would focus TOO much on the love triangle, making it a 2-hour soap opera, but with the casting of Royce King and Maria, and the extensive fight training the cast has reported gives me hope that they'll give all the elements of the story their due.

Lainey over at Lainey's Gossip reported this morning that yesterday was spent filming Jasper's backstory. Jackson in a Confederate uniform and on horseback anyone?


P.S. Mr. Slade? I know I said I didn't want *just* a soap opera, but don't forget to give us all those lovely romantic moments, either.

Book cover image from Stephenie Meyer's site.

*Amber here* My worry is that we're going to see it done more of a bloody vampire pic and less of the love triangle. David Slade's previous vampire movie is the main reason for that fear. I realize there is a lot more action in Eclipse, and I'm glad we've got a director who has experience with that, I just hope the rest of the story isn't lost. With all the fight training, I'm really concerned. Having said that, as long as I get my tent scenes...I should be reasonably satisfied. (Fingers crossed and hoping!)

I am really excited about seeing the character back stories!

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