Saturday, August 22, 2009

Counting Down to Sam Bradley

There is a lot about to happen with Sam Bradley one week from today. August 29 marks Sam's birthday, the launch of and the release of his self-titled EP! The Land of Dreamers is making these awesome countdown pages, so of course, I cannot resist any excuse to post about Sam. Help to spread the word that the wait is almost over for Sam's first official release! If you are not following Sam on twitter, what are you waiting for? He announced a secret show over twitter earlier this week with clues leading to a game of "Where in America is Sam Bradley?" that was quite amusing. Don't forget Sam also has some new music up on his MySpace page. Check him out, you'll love him!
I'll be running my feature on Sam on the t5m blog on Friday. Don't miss it!
Remember, for more information on Sam, Marcus or Bobby, you can always check out Shack of Soul!

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