Monday, August 24, 2009

Chris Weitz Shares Some More Details with MTV

There is a new interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz over at Not a whole lot of new information, but some expanded insight into the process and ideas behind the movie. And, Chris is hilariously funny, as always.

MTV: You revealed two scenes that were a big hit at Comic-Con. How do they fit into the movie?

Chris Weitz: We showed two new scenes, and each one focused on abdominal muscles. That was the high point, I think, for the audience. [Laughs.] One scene was the one in which Jacob is teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle. She falls, he comes to rescue her and dab her forehead — thereby revealing his bodacious abs and chest. And the other is Bella rushing to save Edward when he decides to commit suicide by revealing himself to the humans in Volterra, Italy.

I'm already so excited for New Moon, and Chris really seems to have a good handle on the story and the audience. You can read the rest of the article and learn about Vitamin "T" here.

Is it November yet?

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