Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Moon Promo Shots and Still, Website Goes Live

Promo pics...

and a new still
For those of you worrying that New Moon is going to be all about Jacob and Bella being all in love with each other, I feel 100% certain that's not going to be the case. I believe that Chris Weitz is committed to bringing to book to the screen, and remember that Stephenie is involved too. I think we're seeing so much of Bella and Jacob because this is the new relationship in the movie and Edward is gone for the most part. New Moon is Jacob's chance to shine. I think that's what we're seeing here. Let the Team Jacob fans have their movie. Edward gets the girl in the end.

The official New Moon website is now up and running at New Moon The Check it out for more pictures, videos, downloads and more. There are some areas still under construction and don't expect to see picture of the Volturi and wolf pack when you click on them in the cast section because they're not there. I highly suspect that we won't see the Volturi in full costume until the movie releases in November.

Thanks to Twilight Official Facebook.

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