Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Moon: Behind the Scenes (New pic of Jacob and Bella)

Wow, this is a steamy picThe Los Angeles Times (picture source) and the Sun Sentinel have a behind the scenes of New Moon article that is definitely worth the read. While it definitely contains spoilers for those who are wanting to remain completely pure, it does also contain information about Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The following excerpt talks with Chris Weitz and producer Wyck Godfrey. (And is safe to read)

""I promised the actors that no matter what, we would have time to discuss every single line," Weitz explains. "There was a line that he felt was repetitive, and Rob wasn't feeling where he was in the scene. We worked it out and came up with some alternate dialogue. I can work on the fly a bit because I'm a writer-director, which is helpful. I don't feel stuck or panicky when an actor is not down with a particular piece of dialogue."

After this film, Weitz will depart the "Twilight" saga; director David Slade, known for his edgy-with-a-capital-"E" feature debut "Hard Candy" and the bloody horror outing "30 Days of Night" will helm the third film in the franchise, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which goes before cameras Aug. 17 and is set for release June 30, 2010.

Producer Wyck Godfrey says changing directors while maintaining the same actors and screenwriter, in this case, Melissa Rosenberg, will bring a different energy to each "Twilight" movie without disrupting the overall continuity. Weitz was brought on after Hardwicke opted out of doing "New Moon," citing scheduling conflicts, but Slade's selection raised some eyebrows. The heart of the story is the romance between Edward and Bella after all, and Slade doesn't seem like much of a romantic.

Godfrey points out that "Eclipse" is darker in tone than the stories that precede it and more action-packed, making Slade the right choice.

A bigger question mark hangs over what is the most adult entry in Meyer's series, "Breaking Dawn." Godfrey was mum as to specifics, saying only that everyone involved fully intends to make what would be the fourth movie. (The Web site lists "Breaking Dawn" as in development with a tentative 2011 release date.)

"We're shooting 'New Moon,' prepping 'Eclipse,' doing all the marketing—it's a little overwhelming to really think in a detailed manner of how we're going to crack this, but we have every intention to," he said of "Dawn.""

Thanks to Twilight Examiner for her article earlier today reporting the Sun Sentinel story.

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okay know how i said i think i can handle the jacob thing of new moon? Well seeing this just rips my heart out..i cant take it!!!