Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jeff Riedel EW Outtakes - Happy Birthday to me!

What a lovely gift I discovered on Outtakes from the Jeff Riedel shoot for Entertainment Weekly. This was for the first Twilight cover, oh so very long ago...

I love that Rob is smiling in this one
Now this makes me think of the meadow scene, you know, the one in the book
No words needed
Oh yes, definitely meadow scene worthy, can't believe this one is an outtake
You can see the rest of the outtakes and all of the photos from the issue in the gallery at


T. L. C. said...

Happy Birthday Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!
You truly bring so much to the twilight world with REAL news and you are so well liked by the other twilight bloggers and websites.

You are a wonderful mom and you put so much effort into all you bring to the news and your writing is so too the point and sharp!

Have a GREAT DAY!!! I cant wait for tomorrow!

cuteangiek said...

I like the last one the bestest. I too am confused as to why these are outtakes! Hum...