Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Coverage Round Up

One of my favorite Rob pics to come out of today...
For this pic and tons of others, go to Thinking of Rob. If you are accustomed to getting your pics on twitter from @FakerParis, this is her new blog, so jump right over there. Same great pictures, just in a form that's easier for her and easier for us!

Twilight Poison has been incredibly busy today and put together a post of all the Comic-Con photos and videos that are available (at the time of the post). You can check that out here. A huge thanks to them for all their hard work!

Thanks to @letter2twilight for this pic of all the New Moon merchandise coming out from Hallmark. Yes, some of those are cards, including a Valentine that plays Clair de Lune. This is all so new that these are the samples. The real deal hasn't been produced yet, but should start showing up in stores in September. (Thanks to @RobPattzNews for additional info)

And RobertPattinsonWho attended the exclusive Twilight screening after the panel. The cast that came into her theater included Mr. Pattinson himself. You can check out her post including video here.

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