Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday Wrap-Up & Contest Winners

The news I know you've all been waiting for...the announcement of the Celebrate My Birthday Contest! Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I'd had more to give away and I plan to do some more giveaways in the near future.

The Twilight Soundtrack ... My TwiLife
Edward ... TheShagDaddy (I cracked up when I saw that he had entered and had to laugh even harder when he won! He has promised to be good.)
And of course, there were some Twilight gifts for me as well. I now have Twilight, The Game
The Hubs bought me this poster, my absolute favorite Edward poster to date (I have the puzzle of it too)
Amber from Rob My World sent me this lovely pic
And Gozde from ROBsessed sent me this gorgeous pic. Click on it, but be prepared, it is huge
So if we ignore the tantrum thrown by my son (6) when we got home telling me that it was all my fault he didn't get to play enough Wii today and that he hated me and hated my birthday, it was a lovely day. As I'm writing this, I am enjoying a bowl of peanut butter cookie dough ice cream courtesy of The Hubs. So with a minor exception, the first day of my thirties was a winner.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! Tomorrow I will be seeing Sam Bradley and The Men as a continuation of my birthday celebration. Definitely looking forward to that.

Added - When I got home from the Sam Bradley contest, Ang from Why Not? Twilight, RPattz and Me


that girl in the 5" heels... said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

And DAMN, that pic was just... yum!


cuteangiek said...

YAY!!! How exciting. Congrats to all the winners. But most especially Happy Birthday Amber!

That is so something my son would do. You just gotta love kids... no really you have to it's some sort of rule! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great bday!!! Kids gotta b kids sometimes!

Ana Cristina said...

Congrats to all the winners! Hope you had a great birthday, Amber. And now I am craving peanut butter cookies after reading this post, so I'm going to go find something sweet. ;)

jo said...

Congrats to the winners! You got some great gifts for your birthday! I have that puzzle too, but haven't finished yet...
If you can email me your address I have a gift to send you too.

Oh, I met Gil Birmingham on Sunday!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated bb!

Glad you liked the prez...