Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Things About Robert Pattinson

Katie Bain of has written an article entitled "15 Things I Learned About Robert Pattinson on the 'New Moon' Set" Alas Ladies, again, it is riddled with spoilers. I feel this is going to become the theme as on set reports begin to come out more frequently. I have bravely trudged through them myself and I bring to you a summary of some points we can safely discuss without defiling our spoiler-free friends...

1. Rob is a "sugar hound" evidenced by peanut butter cup wrappers and a can of Coke. (What, Rob with a can of Coke?? I'm shocked.)
2. Over the "Edward Cullen" on the back of his chair is a large piece of yellow tape with "ROBERT" written on it in bold black letters.
7. (Yes, I had to skip that many to protect your virtue) Robert is friendly with his fans. Although, I have to say that the author does state the fact he never spoke to her during her two days on set. She uses the example of how he treated Rachelle Lefevre's little sister to come to this conclusion.
"Robert is alarmingly, nerve-wrackingly handsome in person. He also seems to have some sort of gravitational pull, as every woman on set, not limited to, but certainly including me, inched closer to him as covertly as possible when he was in the vicinity. He didn’t seem to care or notice."

9. The picture below (from the March 2009 issue of GQ) hangs in the New Moon production office at Vancouver Sound Studios
11. "Robert has the confident, swaggering walk of a guy that does well for himself with the ladies. This success surely isn’t hurt by his carved physique" (spoiler removed)
The next four points are direct quotes from the article...
12. Regardless of the international pandemonium he causes, Rob is, according to co-star Lafevre, really just a humble, friendly guy.
13. People cater to the boy. One of the stage managers made a point of putting together a plate of food for Robert so he wouldn’t miss a meal while filming, saying: “Just tell me what Robert wants, and I’ll set it aside for him.”
This must be what it’s like to be treated like a movie star, as no one offered me anything to eat.

14. Even Taylor Lautner has Pattinson envy. When I asked Lautner the one bonus power he would bestow on Jacob, he responded, “I want to steal one of Edward’s powers.” Seems even werewolves get jealous.
15. The only time I saw the very elusive Kristen Stewart not on a monitor was when she walked by me on her way to the set. She was with Robert. Maybe this means all those secret relationship rumors are true ... nah, I’m pretty sure it was because they were both to be in a scene together. So I'd like to think ...

So number 15 isn't exactly about Rob, but I included that one because it demonstrates the lack of evidence it takes for some to come to their conclusions...I'm not pointing any fingers.

I'm sorry to tell you, but that is definitely all you can read of this article without spoilers. Add the link to your list of things to read the day after you see New'll enjoy it.

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