Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update on Cab Incident

From a RobPattzNews interview with a fan that was on the scene today...
NO ONE even tried to touch Rob, & from what I could tell, no one was even snapping pictures in his face except for this one paparazzi who had been hanging around outside the building all day. He was crouching on the ground snapping pictures behind Rob's umbrella, Rob was hiding his face. Some of the security guards were moving very quickly, causing their little circle that was protecting Rob to break up. Soon one guard was guiding Rob by the shoulders and led him across a street where there was a red light and moving traffic. I was right behind him at this point and saw the entire thing happen. The cab was coming quickly but saw them jump in front of it, so the cabbie slammed on his breaks. Rob was tapped a little in the hip, but they kept going. Rob then went into his trailer.
The majority of news outlets are now reporting that the original reports were exaggerated. That matches up with the official statement from Summit about the incident.
“Rob Pattinson is fine, the reports are exaggerated and it was not caused by fans. Production continues ,” according to a Summit spokesperson.
While of course I am super glad that this wasn't as bad as originally reported, that doesn't change what happened on Monday. According to People, Rob has hired his own security in addition to that being provided by Summit through the production company. The guards that were with him today were obviously just trying to make sure that Rob was safe and they may have instead worsened the situation. Why? Because they now expect the worst from fans.

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes of the blogging world right now. You may see changes in the near future. For starters, I pulled the one paparazzi photo I had on the blog, the picture of Rob in full Edward costume from the set. We're working on ways to make sure we don't feed the frenzy of these fans who seem to have no sense of self-control or understanding of acceptable boundaries. We want to do all we can to respect the celebrities who give so much of themselves to us, and to help the fans understand that we should only take what they give. They do not belong to us, they have lives outside of their careers, and they are human beings with thoughts, feelings and rights, just like anyone else.

It's been an incredibly long day, so I'm going to leave it at that for now. I highly recommend you check out this post on Super Secret Twilight Blog which is along the same vein.


cuteangiek said...

Oh Amber, I've been eaten alive lately with misgivings. ESPECIALLY after those fans attacked Rob this week.... This whether true or exaggerated was just... I don't know, "the straw that broke the camels back" I guess. hum... I have recently called into question my anti pap pic ways, thinking maybe I was being to extreme. But this only makes me never want to look at a pap pic again. Might not have been a fan girl who pushed him, but there was a pap guy trying to take those pics we are teaming to see.

Thank you for this article. :) Thank you for always talking about what's relevant. I truly do love your blog.

~ Joy ~ said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog.
Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! whooo hooo!