Friday, June 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Friends: Must Musical Clique

From the current issue of Entertainment Weekly NAMES/AGES: Robert Pattinson, 23; Bobby Long, 22; Sam Bradley, 22; Marcus Foster, 23.

One of these names you know. The others you might not, but their profiles are quickly rising, thanks to their songwriting work on the still-hot Twilight soundtrack. Bradley co-penned “Never Think” with Pattinson, while Long and Foster wrote bonus track “Let Me Sign”

How did three obscure musicians score such a prominent gig? They had an in: Foster and Bradley went to school with the British actor, Long met the other three at an open-mike night. (Before Twilight, Pattinson was also an aspiring singer.) Despite their friendship, their music is quite different. Bradley favors a rock vibe, Long is more folk-inclined, and Foster owes something to Tom Waits.

Bradley was on his way to use the bathroom when Pattinson called to say their song was going to appear in Twilight. “I pissed myself,” he says. Really? “No.”

The trio will reunite at July’s TwiCon festival in Dallas. “It’s going to be mental,” say Foster. Will Pattinson sit in? “I wouldn’t turn up there if I was him,” says Long. Foster hopes to record some songs with Pattinson soon; “It might be my stuff, or his stuff, or some stuff we wrote together.”

ON THEIR MUST LIST: Long loves rockers the Felice Brothers, while Bradley is a fan of Vancouver singer Shera Kelly. One of Foster’s favorite actors is Christopher Walken, whose forthcoming film $5 a Day features another of Foster’s songs.

I had to laugh out loud when I read Sam's response to finding out that their song was going to be on the soundtrack. Really? "No." Just hilarious. I also have to agree with Marcus that it's probably in Rob's best interest to stay away from TwiCon. It is so funny that this group of incredibly talented guys would find each other. They certainly do some wonderful work together! I look forward to hearing more from them individually and collaboratively.

Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous

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