Friday, June 12, 2009

Metro Interview with Robert Pattionson

The final day of Metro's behind the scenes coverage is an interview with Robert Pattinson
Well, I have to say that I was underwhelmed by today's interview. After the Kristen interview, I was expecting something on the same level, but that's not exactly what this is. It's no surprise that Robert recently watched 30 Days of Night considering that it was directed by David Slade, who will be directing Eclipse. Glad to know he's checking out the work of the new director. He talks about his new fame and hoping that it doesn't change him. We hope that too. And I still think it's funny that he isn't really a vampire fan.

Which is your favorite motion picture vampire of all time?

I always liked the original Nosferatu. I watched 30 Days of Night recently. I thought it was really good. But I wouldn’t say that I was a vampire fan.

You must be offered a lot of roles now. How are you making your choices?

I judge things purely on the script. I’m booked up for this year. I’ve been doing the most different things you can possibly imagine. Every part is so different. I can’t say any of the parts I’m doing — they haven’t been finalized yet. But I don’t pick them in terms of genre; purely the script. If I like the script and I like the part, then that’s all that matters.

You can read the whole article here.

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cuteangiek said...

I'm such a weirdo. I didn't read the last question! haha

Anyway, I loved the article. My question:

What is this "disguise" he is wearing? I've only seen a few of the pap pics so I'm wonder if I've missed something. Is he maybe walking around dressed like Elmo? Cause that would be AWESOME! lol

Don't mind me I'm a dork. ;)