Thursday, June 11, 2009

Metro Interview with Kristen Stewart

Day four of their coverage is an interview with Kristen Stewart
I haven't always been the biggest fan of Kristen Stewart. Don't get me wrong, I've always thought she was the right choice for Bella. I suppose I just didn't get her, if that makes any sense. I think she's gotten a bad rap in the media and some of the fans have been really rough on her and her portrayal of Bella. If you're one of those who wasn't all that thrilled with her acting in the movie, especially the hospital scene, watch the DVD with the commentary on. When you know what was really going on there, she acted it beautifully. It was more real than you might think. Plus, the commentary is just wonderful, so you really need to watch it. Add to that the golden popcorn drop at the MTV Awards and then this interview, and I'm amazed at how much my thoughts on KStew have changed. I think she's kind of like that person you always think is so stuck up, but they're really just shy. Do you know what I'm talking about? I think she's good at what she does and she really cares about her characters. And what matters most, she really "gets" Bella, and that's all we can ask for. (Which also reminds me of the interview when she talked about doing the CGI for Bella jumping off the cliff. She really does totally get Bella.)

Again, this whole interview is wonderful and it's a must are just a few excerpts

What are the changes in this second installment? Your character Bella takes risks again…

Well, she loses what basically gives her the drive to do anything in her whole life. She loses the man she’s in love with, but she also loses her entire life plan, and she’s so young to have to be forced into a decision like that. It’s just a glorified, elaborate version of the worst breakup you’ve ever been through. All of a sudden you question everything. All of a sudden you know nothing and you’re dropped in the middle of a freezing cold ocean.

Oddly, we have a character that’s warm enough and bright enough to bring her out of that, and it’s truly gut-ripping. Because as perfect as Jacob is for her, she holds on to an ideal, the ultimate fiery love that she has for Edward even though it’s not comfortable, it’s not practical and it’s not a good idea. So it’s really a very strong thing to do. It takes someone who really trusts themselves.

So basically the movie starts out and everything’s great, and then it gets absolutely terrible, and then it gets maybe OK again, and then it’s" no, no, no, no – life is hard." It’s going to get hard again because he comes back again.

Is she introverted or just seeking an ideal?

It’s not that she’s incredibly introverted. She’s just yet to have found a connection that is truthful. She’s a seeker of the truth. She’s not one to get wrapped up in something that is a fantasy. She doesn’t set herself up for disappointment. So that’s what makes the story with her and Edward so compelling, in that this is a girl that normally wouldn’t do something this crazy.

So what does Kristen prefer, the werewolf or the vampire?

Kristen shouldn’t open her mouth (Laughs). Kristen is entirely torn. Kristen should stop using her name in the third person.

I love that last part. She's got a great sense of humor. You can read the rest of the interview here. Tune in tomorrow for their interview with Robert Pattinson.


kapeja85 said...

i totally love her, i think is a great actress and she hasn't lost her head coz of the fame and that's something to admire her!!!

oh, and she's so hilarious!!! her blog in myspace makes me laugh a lot!!!

cuteangiek said...

Well, I have loved Kristen from day one. I think you TOTALLY hit the nail on the head, she is extremely shy and uncomfortable. But very sincere. She doesn't seem interested in playing "the game" if that makes sense.

I heart her hardcore for sure. :)