Monday, June 1, 2009

Is Rob the Most Handsome Man in the World?

Vanity Fair wants to know who you think is the most handsome man in the world...
You can place your vote by clicking here. They're even nice enough to provide a slide show of the candidates in case you need in reminders. Of course, I think this pic says it all. But just in case you need a little more persuading, you can check out the pictures from the Twilight Vanity Fair shoot here, and the video here.

Thanks to Cullen Boys Anonymous for the heads up on this one.

And yes, this is my 400th post. I figure there is no better way to celebrate this milestone than celebrating the man who brought life to Edward Cullen as the most handsome man in the world. And of course, the picture is of him accepting an award for playing Edward Cullen.

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Ana Cristina said...

Gah, he does look handsome in that pic... I hope he wins!

How did the visit to the doctor go today? Hope baby's hearing test went well! :)