Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing...Way Behind Wednesday!

I've got to admit, I have spent a lot more time reading than blogging lately. Not only did I just finish rereading New Moon for, hm, well, it appears I have officially lost count of how many times, but I've also been doing a lot of blog surfing. Now the point of a lot of that blog surfing is to share my new knowledge and opinions with the Eyes of Amber readers, but lately it just isn't happening. So, inspired by the Twi-Spam Tuesdays of The Danger Magnet, I present to you...Way Behind Wednesday!

1. Robert Pattinson tops 2009 PopSugar 100, Kristen is number 44 A Rob Mosaic
2. Kristen Stewart: Million Dollar Baby The Messengers casting director Nancy Nayor says KStew was worth every penny of the extra million it cost to cast her
3. Edward or Bill...Who is the Hottest Vampire? Vote here.
4. Rob makes Forbes list of 10 Fastest-Rising Stars He tied with Anna Paquin for the number 7 spot
5. Vampires know how to treat a gal A wonderful article I found on CBA. A must read for all the s/o out there
6. Jackson interview and 100 Monkeys performance on WFMZ 69 News I just love Jackson, this one is especially for Ana Cristina ; )
7. More Peter Facinelli interviews and audio from Ryan Seacrest Interview
8. InStyle Outtakes
9. The RPattz Birthday Cake This girl has some great friends!
10. Bye, Bye MySpace Stephenie Meyer takes down her page
11. Another Forbes list Stephenie is #26 Most Powerful Celebrities of 2009
12. Ashley Greene in Nylon
13. Hump Day: Vintage Rob Edition Okay, so this was just from today, not technically behind, but I had to post it
14. The new Twilight Parents Examiner debuts How exciting is this????
15. RobSexyTalk Okay, I know I mentioned this on Twitter earlier in the week, but it was worth posting about, too. Actually, this post may be a big reason why I'm so behind this week...

Okay, I still didn't get through everything, but at least I made a big dent. I've got a teething baby so this will have to do for now.
Thanks to the following websites...Cullen Boys Anonymous, TwiCrack Addict, Twilight Moonlighter and Random Acts of Rob.


cuteangiek said...

I have a teething baby too. :( No fun. I thank you for all these goodies and say WOOT to new followers. ;)

Sabrina said...

I just disagree that Eric is not an option for #3. Boo Extra!!!