Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Meadow Scene

I almost missed an incredibly important unofficial holiday...National Twilight Day!
"On June 2, 2003, Meyer had a dream about a human girl meeting a vampire in the woods. The next morning the English-major grad from Brigham Young University got up, started writing for the first time in her life, and just three months later finished a 500-page book about a regular girl named Bella and her gorgeous vampire boyfriend, Edward."

Wow, just imagine how different things would be were it not for Stephenie's dream and her decision to write about it. So congratulations to Stephenie on the wonderful success of the world she created for us. And Happy National Twilight Day!

Thanks to TwiCrack and Elvan. You can read the rest of the article the above quote is from here.


cuteangiek said...

I heart Mrs. Meyer's story. Truly truly. I'm just so happy for her and the success of Twilight. And I will FOREVER love her for Mr. Cullen. :)

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