Monday, June 15, 2009

Follow @peterfacinelli

If you're on Twitter at all, you've probably heard about the bet that Peter Facinelli (aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen) has going with Rob DeFranco. Peter has bet that he can get 500,000 followers by Friday night. If he doesn't, he has to give Rob the back of his chair from Twilight. If he does, Rob DeFranco has to walk down Hollywood Blvd wearing a bikini and singing "All the Single Ladies" holding a sign that says Twitter Me. A Team Edward or Team Carlisle sticker may also be involved. Peter will record this and share it with us all on YouTube. The lovely Amber from Rob My World, who I mentioned in my Sam Bradley post, has made this manip to help recruit followers for Peter.
So, if you are on Twitter, please follow @peterfacinelli. If you are not on twitter, sign up and follow @peterfacinelli and @eyesofamberblog! You can also find Billy Burke (@billy_burke) and Gil Birmingham (@gilbirmingham) on Twitter. But remember, if you do nothing else, please follow @peterfacinelli so that we can end Singladyitis!


cuteangiek said...

Dear Lord. Has it really come to this. All this man has to do is write a note and say "it will please me" and we will fall all over ourselves! LOL

I'm not complaining. I'm just saying!

Eyes of Amber said...

Yes ma'am, I believe it has...LOL