Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enough is Enough! And this is Too Much!

First, enjoy this picture. This is Robert Pattinson, happy, on the red carpet in Cannes. This is the Rob we love and adore. This is the Rob who brought our beloved Edward to life and has such a promising bright future of bringing us even more wonderful characters, not to mention his music.
Very nice, right? So why is it that crazed people claiming to be his "fans" keep pushing the envelope with him? Why is it that they feel it is their right to stalk him, physically accost him, and chase him? I just cannot understand! Monday's mobbing was bad, it was terrible. It made all the real Rob fans I know sick to our stomachs. But you know what? Today, it got worse.

Rob was hit by a cab while trying to get back to his trailer around noon today! That's right, he was hit by a cab! Luckily, he wasn't hurt, but this is just one close call too many. RadarOnline reports the following...

A team of five security guards were trying to fend off a crowd of teenaged girls when Robert was leaving the bookstore.

It was pouring rain as they tried to hustle him quickly across the busy street to the safety of his trailer.

Some of the teen girls were hysterical and Robert rushed across the road. As he did so, a taxi grazed him. The cabbie slammed on his brakes as soon as he realized what had happened.

It appeared as if the cab hit Rob in the hip. He stood there for a moment looking stunned. The bodyguard next to him checked if he was okay and then screamed and the fans: "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

This is just so far beyond my comprehension. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. We've been joking about forming the Pattinson Protection Agency or the Guardians of Rob to protect him. But this is so far beyond joking now. Something has got to be done. Rob's paranoid, afraid of the crowds...and it's looking like he's fully validated in that fear. Please people, we love him, we adore him, so why the heck do these "fans" keep trying to kill him?????

Now scroll back up, look at that picture, and realize that if someone doesn't do something, we are in very real danger of losing this great talent, or at the very least, that smile on his face.
Check back in a bit for another post about a fan movement I discovered earlier today.


Giulia (webmistress) said...

OMG. It's more than crazy, it's totally insane.
They almost killed him!!
I can't believe people could be so retarded!!

T. L. C. said...


I am beyond words after this.

OCD said...

I am soooo bothered right now... Seriously I feel just so sad for him. This is getting ridiculous.

mammadawg said...

OMG. This is just ridiculous - it's so sad that it's come to this! :(

Biter's Remorse said...