Sunday, June 21, 2009

Edward & Bella are Barbies

Yes, that's right. Barbie and Ken have become Edward and Bella. I hardly know what to say about this. You can pre-order them now from Toys "R" Us with a release date of October 20. The dolls are sold separately and are $34.99 each. Still not sure what to say about these. I know with Mattel, they don't generally make the doll resemble the actor so much as it looks more like Barbie and Ken in costumes. Here are the product descriptions...

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.Twilight has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon developing a strong core base of dedicated fans who are drawn to the story of a Romeo & Juliet style romance between mortal (Bella) and vampire (Edward). Who better to capture the young star-crossed love of these two characters than Barbie & Ken. Edward is luminescent with a shimmering complexion and trademark gold eyes. Bella doll sold separately.

(Same as above) Bella is dressed in her signature outfit from the movie. Edward doll sold separately.

Will I buy these? Probably not. They're a bit rich for my blood. Do I think they'll be big sellers? Definitely. If someone I knew bought them would I go over and play with them? Absolutely. Am I looking forward to see what the Letters to Twilight girls do with this story? Oh yes, very much.

Thanks to Twilight Poison.


cuteangiek said...

um... my first reaction: Eww!

They super creep me out. And I'm not sure why. But they do...

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Barbies are still very collectible. Edward & Bella should do very well. I would buy them if I had extra cash laying around.

letterstotwilight said...

omg.. wow!